Who We Work With

Those Who Work With Us Never Look At Their Marketing Investment The Same Again

Business Owners

Our services enable business owners to get an insight into the cost of acquiring new customers, and provide guidance on their marketing budgets, from paying for agencies to investing in various platforms.

Chief Financial Officers

We work with CFOs on financially quantifying a company’s investment in marketing. We act as an intermediate between an ad agency’s reporting practices and the company’s sales and revenue numbers so that they can establish a CAC and LTVR.



Agency Owners

We work with the principles of ad agencies to help them establish their clients  CAC, LTV and LTVR so they can properly allocate and report on the marketing investment.


We audit and build CAC modules for investors as well as look at the LTV and LTVR of the companies they are targeting for acquisition. Along with this, we consult on the CAC costs needed to scale the business from its existing stage.