The Rules of Modern Marketing

If your campaign is failing or succeding, these are the reasons why.

  1. There has to be a clear goal before you start your marketing campaign.
  2. You cannot out-optimize a bad spend.
  3. You cannot out-optimize a bad spend – this is repeated for a reason.
  4. Conversions happen in an ecosystem – The Buyer’s Journey
  5. The CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is the most important formula in sales and marketing, you need to know it BEFORE you invest in marketing.
  6. The major marketing platforms (Google, Facebook) run the game and control CAC investments
  7. Your CAC starts with the current digital bidding environment based on your funnel needs
  8. Operating expenses cannot control the sales and marketing budget
  9. You cannot have an ROI without knowing your CAC
  10. 3:1 LTVR (Customer Lifetime Value Ratio) or better is the baseline ROI target
  11. You need to have a value proposition or purple cow (Seth Godin)